This is an interactive simulation of the Triadex Muse invented by Marvin Minsky and Edward Fredkin in 1969. The Muse uses digital logic circuitry to implement algorithms that compose musical melodies.

Tap on an example below to load it into the Muse.

Major Scale
1 Octave
Major Scale
2 Octaves, C is repeated
Major Scale
2 Octaves, split
48-note Pattern
Combining binary and divide-by-3 counters
15-note Pattern
4 bits of the shift register
240 Note Pattern
Binary counter and 4-bit shift register, 16 x 15
Michael's Tune
By (then) 8 year old Michael Fredkin
Muser's Waltz
B1 B2 on the shift register generate the 3 pattern
Dorian Scale
Adds a constant 1 for Dorian mode, D to D
Dorian Muse
A melody in the Dorian mode
Theme and Variations
From the 8-4-2-1 shift register taps
Starts So Simple
Variations on 4 notes
Ed's Rhythm Piece
By Ed Fredkin, play it fast and pretend it's drums
Marvin's Yodel
By Marvin Minsky
Rhyming Couplets
Four measures climb up, each time a different way
The Crazy Cuckoo
Playing with a 6 note down, 6 note up theme
Uses the C1/2 row to hop up an octave
Slow, lots of whole notes, so you can see what's happening